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Content of inquiry
Agreement of collecting/using personal information
■ Personal information to be collected
SUNGJIN C&T will collect and use the following personal information in order to properly manage membership, inquiry, service request, etc.
ο Collecting information(required): Name, Email address, Contact, Company name, Content of inquiry, Matters for inquiry)
ο Collecting information(optional): Name of a place of business
ο Collecting Method: in written form

■ Purpose of collecting and using personal information
SUNGJIN C&T will use collected information for following purpose.
ο Identifying oneself based on service use
ο Response to inquiry

■ Period of possessing and using personal information
After the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, such information shall be destroyed without delay. Only for the following information, we preserve for the period stated.
ο Preserving information: Name, Email address, Contact, Title, Content of inquiry
ο Period of preservation: until the inquiry is handled